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I hate when my dad tells me I do nothing all day.
I was eating in my living room with my sibling and my dad got home from work, you see I only see my dad past 8 PM and the whole day on Sundays. But no the first thing he said to me when he got home was “you should bathe the dogs…you never do anything but just laying on the bed with your phone”. I was just eating peacefully with my sibling and was fucking tired of doing hw and was feeling down already. I only do my hw until 7 PM and after that, I rest and play on my phone. Even If I tell him that I do he doesn’t care, and now my eyes are tearing because whatever I do they always have to complain about it. He doesn’t know what I do all day yet he still says he does know. He isn’t even here every day so why does he keep judging me…I feel exhausted from being part of this family.
They just keep giving me more reasons to end my life.

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dhvani @dhvanee

That’s really sad. I’ve seen the same thing happen to my elder brother. No matter how much he worked the whole day, people would just pull out loopholes in him. They’d just ask him, “Why are you busy doing this? You must study.” "Don’t do this, do that ", and so on. He was always questioned in everything he did, and everything he does till this day. And a short while ago, I experienced the same thing, but now it’s fine for me. I can understand that it gets too irritating, when you work all day, and people close to you themselves leave remarks as such as if you don’t work at all. It feels like what’s the purpose of toiling os hard all day long when you’ve got to hear all this at the end of the day. But, hey, don’t let this make you lose your self confidence. You know you’ve worked hard, and hard work always pays off. I suppose you’re a student, so prove your father wrong with your examination results. Show them that this could be possible only because you worked hard. And even if you don’t wanna prove yourself to anyone, just keep faith in yourself and your hard work, and make a self commitment of accomplishing what you’d worked hard for, and when you do so, you’ll surely feel satisfied, and that’s it, that’s all you want! People will expect only if you find those expectations worthy to stand across. It’s all about you, and these remarks won’t matter. It’s all gonna be fine! :)

Sanket @sanket

I understand your feelings, have been in your place a few years ago. But trust me when your dad comes home after his work finishes, he is really tired and do not want the household chores to be in an incomplete state. This just puts the burden on his shoulder. Playing games is not healthy stuff it causes damage slowly. You also need to be there for your dad as you guys are the ones with whom your dad will share his thoughts. Try doing this - start having dinner with him, ask your sibling to join too. Ask him about how his day was, share how your day was. Maybe after dinner go for a walk with him. Or maybe offer help to your mom. Trust me having dinner with your dad will make him feel good. If it help even a bit I will be more than happy to help you out here

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