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I had quit social media in 2019. At first I felt a bit empty but then it felt pretty liberating. I do not know what my friends are doing and there is absolutely zero chances of me getting insecure about not achieving certain things which they have achieved. It’s pretty funny that the people whom I used to call ‘best friends for life’ didn’t even try to contact me after I was gone. I was their go to friend for advices and a shoulder to cry on. I had put efforts to keep the friendship going which eventually drained me out. It took 2 years for one of them to notice I was gone. I finally know where I stand in their lives. I have a small circle of 2-3 friends now. They call me almost every week to catch up, I call them too sometimes. If you are important to someone, they will too make an effort to keep the relationship going, if not then you’ll have to find new friends. Now I only have YT (for dogs), and WhatsApp for video callscalls, and I joined Now and me last year due to depression, but I don’t know whether I’ll stay here for long or not.

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I love how you have expressed yourself and inspired to see you find peace and growth in cutting off the toxic ones.

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