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I had like the weirdest day! So I was able to meet up with 2 of my friends in one of their gardens. We were basically having a pride parade bc their both bi and I’m gay, we were vibing to girl in red like the whole time xD
Anyways we were at the basketball court and we were lying on the floor just staring up at the clouds when my one friend held my hand and hugged my arm. At this point I was is complete gay panic, in my head I was like AHHHHHHHHHHHH. And bc I was blinded with gay panic so I sat up, gently pulling arm away. She then got up and put her head on my chest and she put her hand on the inside on my thigh!!! I was like frick frick frick frick frick frick in my head bc I’m a raging lesbian. She was like cuddling with me, I mean we were all cuddling so if a random person walked past they would probably think we’re polyamorous xD She was also like this with my other friend there too and we were just like eek.
Then we went back to her garden in the little summer house thing at the end of the garden and we were all on tiktok and insta for a while looking at hot girls. It was chill until my friend from before went and sat on my other very flirty friend from before and then my flirty friend put her arms around her. She then felt for her bra (over the shirt, dw now&me plz just let me post it xD) at this point I was kinda jealous of my friend bc like I felt like I was thrid wheeling them or somin! But thennn my friend KISSED my other friend (on her lap) on the neck! I was thinking the whole time If ur bf was here u’d be dead.
Then she gets me to come over and sit on her lap right and I fricking enjoyed it, at first I felt rlly uncomfortable but then SHE KISSED ME ON THE CHEEK!!! ON THE CHEEEK!lIKE 4 TIMES!!! LIKE I HAVE A GF AND SHE HAS A BF, WTF U PLAYING AT GIRL! I mean sure I enjoyed it like a lot when u put hand on the inside of my thigh and everything but like…
Uh idk what to do I just wanted to tell someone lol


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thats one hell of a day


Lol ikr it was like a gays dream and worst nightmare rolled into one day xD

All this sounds so fun ! I m straight but my friends are gay so I totally get it.


Yeah cool :)