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I had been in a long-term relationship for four years, and we broke up a month ago. Everything went fine, we didn’t fight or anything, and we are still friends. But since I broke up, I started to realize that I have been in love with my best friend for years, and now that I’m single, I’m finally realising that I have been feeling this for so long. I’m pretty sure it isn’t mutual, because we never had any prospects of being romantically envolved (I was already dating when we met), and now I’m afraid of risking it all for something that might backfire. Yes, I am deeply and completely in love with her, but I don’t want to risk confessing my feelings and losing my best friend. I’ve been writing poetry, and it has been helping, but it’s not enough.

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See what i can make out from your post
Maybe I am wrong
But the fear currently ur mind that stops u from confessing to her is that she willnot be able to trust you.
Maybe u are apprehensive about this
Because u were dating someone else for 4 years n just broke up a month ago
So maybe u feel she will find all this unconvincing…

But if your feelings are very genuine
It reflects automatically…

In this case i feel you should just try to wait a little

See u need to calmly think over

Let bygones be bygones

Now u need to think will u n ur bestfriend be happy together

If yes let her know slowly slowly

Keep dropping small hints

Look out for her reactions…

Slow n steady will be good approach according to me

Try spending more time with her.
Make her feel spl…

Send her your poems…

Just dnt try to suppress ur feelings
If u know ur feelings are real no need to suppress it …

If it is meant to be
It will happen
Take care of urself
Good luck
God bless.

… try a game. 20 questions. I may be a mere 17 yr old but a know multiple people that this has worked with. Alternatively if you can be enough that it’s not you, ask how they would react. Say you like a friend and want to tell them but don’t know how they’d react, what would your reaction be, that kind of thing. I’m really sorry if this doesn’t help it is a bad idea, but it’s all I’ve got to help you!


Hey, I have been in love with my bestfriend as well. He was dating other girls when I had started to like him. I never told him I was in love with him I just wanted to see him happy. See breakups happen for a reason and you guys are on good terms too. Go tell your bestfriend you love her, it is hard I know, but you only live once and go tell her, what if she feels the same? I believe that if chances for good things happening are also there right? so give it a try, if it is ment to workout, trust me it will