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Sidhu @mikey12

I had been close to someone in the past.Before i myself realize that I had feelings for her, she was in a relationship with my friend whom i introduced to her after we became close.But their relationship didn’t last long ,ended in a bad way. She has been in touch with me since then but I didn’t dare to express my feelings bec’z i felt insecure that she chose my friend over me first.And one more thing,i don’t to be in her rejection list & don’t want to hear from her saying that I deserve better.It really hurts whenever I gave a thought that.Did i do mistake not confessing her before ?? Or Shouldn’t have introduced to my friend??I really don’t know
I did right or wrong

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U did nothing wrong…i really believe that if people are meant to be yours then they will definitely be. If not right now then eventually.

Sidhu @mikey12

Actually ,both are in touch with me still now.How they will react to this, if they come to know that the biggest worry stopped me saying that

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