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I give up now, I tried to not care about things and people.
But I guess, in the end, there is nothing.
I don’t think I want to die but I also don’t want to live.
I feel shitty. I hate myself.
I tried to cry but I can’t even do that, it’s like it’s impossible.
The truth is nobody cares if I die, I guess I have known it for my entire life. but then again why should anyone care.
I have been thinking about dying for a long time but it was a casual thought about death, but since the last few days, I can’t stop it.
Either life has no meaning at all or I am unable to find one or maybe I am unable to create one.
I guess this is how it actually feels like to face life.
There is no amount of smartness or work that can change that.

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Dear one,
Please take deep breaths…
I really dnt know what makes you feel so
But I am sure it might be something miserable…

See,u have written no one will care even if you die

But ultimately it is ur own life
You will lose your life???

So when u urself isnot caring about ur life
How will anyone else care…

See dear one,
Life can be extremely cruel,mean,ruthless
But this doesnot mean it will always be so…
Yes attimes it gets really difficult to hold on
But then you are stronger than you know

Pls give time some time
Pls hold urself very very tight…
Live for urself
Your life is really very precious
Pls friend
Pls save urself…

If u are tired ,exhausted
Pls rest
Try to recharge urself
But pls dnt give up please…

Once given up cannot be got back…

Pls talk to someone face to face
Visit any doctor
Pls help urself…

All will be fine
You will make everything fine
I know it…

Pls stay strong…

Your life may be bad at moment but still many ppl are going through worse

Try to count ur blessings

For sure there might be something worthwhile

Just try figuring it out…

More power,strength n light to you…

You deserve all the happiness
N you will get it too

God bless…

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