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I get overwhelmed so easily
My anxiety
Creeps inside of me
Makes it hard to breathe
What’s come over me?
Feels like I’m somebody else

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Vaibhavi @vaibhavi_0206

I have been thru the same feeling, sometimes some situations are too difficult to handle, but it helps us in getting stronger emotionally, I wont tell you to become strong, but face it, if u feel like crying cry, if you want to sleep it off do it, but dont bottle it, it affects us more.


Yes… U have exactly put it right… just a phase right?
As you mentioned that you went thru same… wat did u do to come out of it stronger?


Aight! Let’s make a reel now


Well i really wish if this was just like a reel n can finish this overflowing of emotions in 30secs 😅


Hehe yeah I was just kidding


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