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I feel used …
I feel wasted…
I feel denied…
I feel miserable…
I feel lost…
I feel hurt most of the time…

And its break me every moment.


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The same is happening with me .but In my case it’s my thought procedure and my behavior which is bothering me . And I want to change it.


Please read my comment may be it helps


Same my behavior is the top most reason of my stress.


It mean you are really strong person and things are little going hard because something you are miss learn from SCHOOL OF LIFE… humm… you have to aware of why it happened with you… how it started … understand the pattern and set of behaviour… see what you can control and what you can’t

But you are missing most important thing you are really really stronger person then you think
Stronger per feel pain to but they don’t give up

I hope also you don’t my dear

And if you nees someone to talk whom you can trust and feel fter to talk
I am here 😊


Thank you so much for advice and help …