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i feel so low and alone the past couple of days , my relationship with boyfriend is dying and also i feel distance with my family , for someone my age i shouldn’t feel that way , i don’t know what to do everything i do is feels meaningless 💔

Post anonymously?

Owhhh, don’t feel low. Maybe they have a lot on their plate right now and everyone seems to be in a bad mood? you could talk it out with ur boyfriend if u want to and see how he feels about this?


Happens! When we don’t get enough attention or when we aren’t able to communicate effectively with our loved ones then we feel lonely. Try connecting to an older friend?

Help your family with household chores. Talk to your parents, take them out for some activity. Plan something for your partner. He might be busy, stressed. Give him a small surprise, the expressions on his face will definitely make you feel happy.


Talk to me :) I’m sad… you’re sad, we can talk to each other!


Do the right things. Feel like other common people. Adventure in new work which you did before.