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I feel so lost and lonely… surrounded by so many good friends,a wonderful boyfriend,loving parents,and yet, I feel empty. I was fine yesterday, I don’t know what happened today. I don’t know if I’m going mad. I just,want to get away from everything

Post anonymously?

thanks for sharing this
in the times of covid, because we can’t meet people, we might feel that way and that’s very okay. it is called urban loneliness. but can you think of any particular reason why you feel so?


I don’t know, I’m always lost in my thoughts I guess. I’m not doing anything productive, I’m always free,so it’s quite easy to overthink and get depressed now. See,most of my friends have their own life and college friends to deal with,and I just got into college but then because of the pandemic, I’m not able to make any new friends. My parents are also abroad and my boyfriend is far away from me. So, it’s very lonely and I’m afraid I might lose everything,my love,my frnds…

buddy calm down
you can’t help covid,none of us can
but you can sure help yourself, try making a schedule for yourself where you make sure that you keep some time for self care, some time for activities you like doing, some time for meditation and physical exercise and some time for your social life as well.
this will help you create a balance and will keep you a little more engaged and not think about the same thing all the time.
take care<3


Thank you so much for listening and yes, I will try to keep myself preoccupied more <3


Hello…Thanks for sharing…
You can talk to me anytime…