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I feel so exhausted in my life. I’m incoming 2nd year college and also I want to have a job part time or full time since we’re just poor and my mom’s salary is not enough for our needs but I can’t any job since it’s pandemic :<. I badly want to have a job, even it’s online as long as I can make a money to it :<

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Jazz @thesadsoul

U can watch thatquirkymiss video work from home…she has given very much information about earning online…i think u should check it out…may b it can help u… nd don’t worry u will make money very soon… God is just testing ur faith on him… May u get all d success in ur life!!!

Sanket @sanket

Try some data entry jobs or consider being a tutor

Sanket @sanket

Yeah, in simple words it’s typing, but in a specific format and specific data. Just search online and you shall find a job. Good luck!

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