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I feel so down I feel like my lover doesn’t want me as same as I want him…even though he always tell me sweet words but I don’t feel nothing

Post anonymously?

Just talking sweetly isn’t all to be in a relationship. You should talk to him about how you feel and what does he want and how is he holding up in a Long Distance Relationship.
Communication is only key in any kind of relationship and if you hide how you feel, how will he work on that and know about it.


In my life what I have personally seen is that so many people talk to us and are sweet to our face but their actuals do not speak the same. I understand how sad and low you must be feeling. You need to have a frank discussion with him. Call him and let him know. Be honest but also be polite let him know you love him and that you believe that he does but it does not show. Ask him that!! I hope this helps :)


Ok check it by stopping contact with him for a week if he really misses u he will come or pretend to be sick or have period pain just done see the drama