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I feel really low , sad , lonely 😭
I wanna hurt myself
I wanna go far away from here.
I wanna cry louder and louder
Scream hard
I don’t really hope to live
I wanna hurt myself
I wanna cut somewhere so that I can forget my pain
M totally alone
I wanna go

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Since u can’t change ur location I guess u have to embrace ur challenges like accept ur situation and then look at it from another angle be positive cus u will definitely pass this phase. Try to ask urself questions and understand why things are the way they are. Contemplate on the issue there’s always a solution and life can’t give us a challenge that is bigger than us even when it seems like we’re about to crush under the weight, help will come, there are always help avenues
For you to be able to communicate through this medium means that there’s hope, there’s always hope. You are the key or solution to the challenge u’re facing ryt now, just think about it from a different angle. And in other to receive u have to give first be it love or anything and even if ure not receiving try not to let it affect you.
Don’t forget, this phase will finally pass and u have come so far and still have a very long way to go.


Dont do that you can share your sadness with us. Trust me you will feel better.

What happened
What is bothering you so much
Please share with us


I feel so lonely even after surrounded by so many.
I have a relationship and bcz of that my parents made me feel lonely by doing so much.
They bet me they stopped my studies. I drank so many tablets , I cutted my hand by blade just for feeling that pain. I jumped into a truck, I went so speed in my bike and suddenly catch break so that I get into an accident. But my bad luck . Nothing worked. I always have bad luck. I burnt my hands. I did many things. But m not able to bear my pain. I couldn’t hurt someone so I always feel to hurt myself. I wanna go far away from my family, even from those who know me. I wanna die…I really wish something happens to me.


If u die u will still come back, so what’s the point?
Maybe u should just take a break like change ur location and give urself a fresh start
When you finally feel up to it,u can come back and deal with it

Baby no everything is fine 💕
Let me hug you 😚😚😚
Please be Relax
What are you doing now as in your career if you are comfortable in telling

You don’t have to hurt yourself lets talk for a while and maybe we can come out with a solution


M a medical student.

You had your dinner?

I’m waiting for your reply

I know it’s hard but please don’t hurt yourself
It not good for you
Your scars will hurt you more by giving these flashbacks in future

I know its hard everytime is tough
But there is always a way
Just try to find it


What way is it?
I really want it
I feel like m in a prison cuz I can’t get out from my house. If I go out mom, dad, brother, everyone starts scolding me.
Yesterday dad bet me just bcz i asked him a question for which he doesn’t have an answer.
He stamped books and I asked it whether that was right. And that’s why he bet me so much.
Mom was also supporting him.
They were asking how dare I’m to ask questions to dad?
He knows what’s right and wrong and I shouldn’t question it.
I have so many scars now , all over my body wherever he bet me.
I’m 21 now but no use , Cuz I’m helpless.
After doing everything, they don’t even speak me now.
We had covid positive. Everyone in family had it. But now everyone got negative.
I’m still having high fever but there’s no one to care.
I hope I could die rather than living like this.

What about your College Isn’t it like medical College are open
Go away somewhere where you can live peacefully
Please 🥺
Please take care of yourself
Have proper precaution, medication and food
Don’t talk to them much just keep your mouth shut ok
Let them do whatever they want
It’s ok to keep quite rather then getting abused
Is there anyone who you can talk about this or can help you in your family

Where are you from?


I cannot go away…my college is as same as any medical colleges.
I’m a student. I can’t go anywhere.and my college is near to my home. There’s none who can help me. I can’t even talk to anyone. I’m from banglore, India

I’m sorry I don’t know what to do for you
But please you already have so many scars don’t give yourself more
I know you are going through so much
You are in so much pain but please still keep going

Few more years like after your studies you can shift somewhere else
Please don’t ever think of giving up
And listen whenever you want to talk or want to share things Please ping me

Hope you doing fine
Please take care of yourself and your health

Hope you are recovering 💗💗


Hi, have you tried to call a helpline? they can help you, you are not alone, and even though life is so hard right now, there is always hope🌼.


No…I haven’t tried…


Are you better now?, I hope you are, don’t be afraid to call maybe if you call you won’t feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to. When I was having suicidal thougths I call a close friend and talk about everything with her, she didn’t judge me she just listened to everything and told me that everything will be okay at some point and I just felt so good after that call, I felt valideted and that my sadness was ok. That’s my experience but maybe it will work for you.