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I feel pretty bad today. Families been going through a tough time ever since I was born and sometimes I have breakdowns cuz of so. I hope one day everything changes for us. My dads tye working person in my household and for a few years he’s had health problems. I really hope I can make him happy someday. Luckily, this is my first breakdown in a few months.


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If u r in the age of 20’s go and find some work along with your studies.
Do any work that will help your family also don’t harm ur studies.
No job in this world is small or big.
Small steps make people big.
All the best.


Thank you but I’m not old enough to actually get a job :/


I will pray to Lord that things with u get well soon all right.
Don’t loose hope…
Always remember one thing
"there are no leaders with an easy past ".
Give ur 100% in studies nd sports.
U r a strong person by heart.


Thank u! Ive been feeling better as my parents seem to be in quite a good state. I hope the best for u