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I feel lost, lonely, reading to just sad news around is reallyy ruining my mind. Only if there was someone who could share something positive, something hopeful and have faith, that this too shall pass.
Sending tight hug to anyone who needs it. Hanh in there. Stay safe guys :)


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well there is good news. Today someone held the school gate open for me (it’s a buzz in kind of gate that takes a while to open). This girl that has anxiety was talking to me, she’s usually too scared. The other day I was at the shops, and a lady watched my basket while I ran out of the queue to grab a cucumber. The guy at the bakery goes to my school and smiles at me. These are all just little happy things that put a smile on my face, even just for a second. I know the bad always seen harder and bigger, but there is so much good out there. Even if it’s just hiding.