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I feel like the problems I have aren’t worse than others, so I tend to overlook them. I know it’s bad and all and I do try not to, but it’s just so hard to live in my mind. Everything is pretty okay with my life right now. I have a caring family and some great friends but my mind just makes me over think and keep over thinking, one minute I think that my life is the best and I could do anything and after that I’m just sobbing my eyes out. It’s just really really hard. My problems aren’t even that bad, the thing I worry the most about is homework, while other people have to worry about getting enough money to eat for the day. But I’m just weak, I get upset over the tiniest matters, but if it happened to other people, they probably won’t even mind. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared that, if I mess up big time and I lose all my friends, I don’t think I can get by another day.
Thanks for listening.

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You’re just as strong as other people :)
I am also an overthinker, and I am extremely sensitive.
Don’t compare yourself to other people. I can already tell you’re a great person because you believe your problems aren’t bad compared to others.
Everyone has their own limits, and life will become harder as it goes.
I like to do homework while listening to music, it makes me happier while doing it. A tip is probably not to do it on the last day, because it can make you feel more stressed.
I am not very good at giving feedback but I am trying to improve ^^
I hope that you have a great day


Thank you so much, that’s just what I needed to hear today. I also like listening to music while doing my homework it makes me feel focused and kinda calm, but I actually procrastinate alot so yeah, I feel like I’m losing motivation to do my homework and other stuff and since my mom just keeps telling me she’s always stressed because of me isn’t really helping, anyways I hope you have a good day too