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I feel like shit. It seems like no matter what I do I will always be the disappointment in the family. I try and try again to get the okay from my mom but it seems like she is never satisfied with what I do. She says that she loves me but that’s a load of crap, if you loved me you would be there for me through thick and thin. She treats me like garbage, I just wish she was someone that I could vent to without feeling judged.

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your mom’s opinion is so important to u but u need to think about how you feel about the stuff u do too if you’re satisfied with what you do then that’s it it’s your life you shouldn’t live it to satisfy others and she should support you no matter what i think u need to talk to her about how u feel about her and ask for her support as a mother and if it’s something she disapproves of then she should advice u or just keep quite and u could always vent to other people you believe won’t judge you

I know it is so frustrating when someone don’t understand you.

All I wanna say that, don’t loose yourself and measure your capability on someone else’s scale. You know yourself better than any one else in this World.

Believe in yourself, sky is your limit 🌈🌻🌻