I feel like shit im always on ph searching that theres noone to check on me even the ones that used to say ill be there with uh all time… i life didnt found real friends atall even i also wish to have atleast one to listen to me a friend to cry on a girl to love her endlessly and share my feelings…

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All we need to understand is that the power is in you, and that you need to give the love you are finding outside.

Listen to yourself, instead of expecting someone else to listen to you.

Find your interests, join communities, groups related to that and invest in people.

and try to reconnect with yourself through nature, meditation and self talk.

If you have good relations in your family, talk to them often otherwise find solace in you.

Turn that loneliness into nurturing a hobby and achieving your goals and in that journey, you’ll find everything you need.


Yupp thanks for that…

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