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I feel like my life is going to shit. I just always feel depressed and anxious and never really happy just always down and i constantly have this feeling of being overwhelmed. Im worried about school as I’m in yr 10 and about my exams and i feel like I’m falling behind. My nan on my dad’s side and my grandad on my mum’s side are both suffering from terminal cancer and my dad’s father died when he was 16 and my mum’s mum is estranged because she apparently wasn’t very nice. My dad is always down or really angry and shouting and swearing and my mum is always sad as well plus my little sister in yr7 is upset but she can just talk about it to my parents whereas i feel i can’t. In a way i don’t want to tell anybody and i cope by worrying on the inside and make it look like I’m fine on the outside so as not to upset my family more. I know they always say i can talk to them i just don’t you know. I briefly brought the topic towards my friends and they said i could talk to them but i feel they don’t mean it and i actually don’t want to because I’m worried they will think I’m attention seeking and all that jazz. I just really want to have someone who i can tell practically everything to because even though I talk to my family about a lot of stuff about me i always feel like I’m hiding parts of myself. I just feel highly anxious and down and i don’t know what to do

Post anonymously?

I would suggest you and your family to consult a therapist/family member who is friendly to you. It might sound awkward but 1 to 1 real sessions are the best.


write your strongest feelings out in a diary, and share them with ur parents if and when you feel like it. May be your honest thoughts will get through them and they will see things from your point of view