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I feel like LOST. Some says it’s Overthinking…Many says you should Move on… I feel guilty the thing which proved me wrong and a Bad Guy…This is all About My Love… We loved each other 💜 We are confident and Trusted each other…But some how my mistake made a DISTANCE Between us… I thought of getting a job within 3-4 years and hoping for the good future with her…But in the mean a pressure in her home to marry someone had began…And one this Bad Guy(I’m) called her Mom 3 times on phone to give sometime for my settlement but I have rejected the call when she lifted it…And his brother called and had verbal fight with me …this mistake in my life made me lonely,Unhappy, depression Because from then she never called me Instead Blocked. After 6 months I called her,she said You are no more to me and I forgot you after 2 months she said even I cried But moved on…given me a Quote Wrong And BAD GUY. This made me incomplete from past 2years… Don’t know When I will be happy…I know I made a mistake and even apologized but I’m Incomplete


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I can understand how you’re feeling . Don’t go hard on you. It’s true that you made a mistake and she moved on . You can’t change the past don’t struck in there. Think whether it’s possible to have her back in your life . If yes do those . If no you should move on my friend . Forgive yourself . Trust in the process . There’s always something better in the store