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I feel like I have no purpose anymore… I am just here for others but I don’t get the same in return. I try my best with everything that I do… but yet nothing I do gets acknowledge. I just wan to feel appreciated and not pressured all the time. Its like I want to be happy so bad but like I forgot how that feels. Even in my relationship, I do everything for this guy but yet he still feels like he is not getting what he wants. I buy him everything he wants, I give him my love and I support him and I am always there for him. But he doesn’t recognize that… but when I say “no” to sexual things he gets mad because I don’t give him the answer he wants to here. Its like I don’t even make him happy anymore. He apologizes for the way he treats me and says he’s never gonna leave me but yet he is slowly drawing away from me. Its like if I were to leave today… would he even care? I don’t even recognize myself anymore. I hate crying… I hate feeling I am worth nothing. He looks at other females as he should be looking at me. I know I don’t have what he wants… and I get more confused everyday as to why he stays with me… He has become a big part in my life and its like he is the person I need. He knows me best… he knows my body, my mind, my feelings, my everything… I just loosing myself slowly.

Post anonymously?

Don’t be upset, just be there you want to be, not by seeing anyone. You got in the flow of society, you jave a life too. Stop making others happy, make yourself happy. You can feed a dog and he will never forget what you have done for it. When he will turn back with his innocent face, then you’ll what’s like making others happy.


Hey little Mermaid , dont worry about anyone , first make yourself happy , see we have to love ourselves first , your love is very precious and dont waste of it . first sit and talk with him ,ask him what exatly he wants , make a commitment like after marriage only all things , and Mainly nowadays people are very updated if u are not giving what he wants definetly he choose another one secretly TRUST ME…be very careful and trust yourself … and ANALYSE ALL COMMENTS AND DO WHAT YOUR HEART TELLS

remmeber LIFE IS SO SHORT , live happily

… this is going to be brutal… I’m sorry… but I think you should break up with him. Getting cranky at saying no is a very bad sign and a huge red flag to worse things, you deserve so much more and no one wants to see you hurt. Yeah, the more I read the scarier this seems sweetie. He’s no good for you. This reminds me of a book a read called “Three Gold Coins” (it may be triggering).You deserve someone better who will love you and care for you. Love is not just words, it’s actions. If the words don’t match the actions… then something is wrong. Be careful and stay safe. And know, you are worthy of the world, you are worthy to know yourself, you are kind, strong, beautiful and brilliant. You’ve got this babe. I believe in you <3