I feel like I have dealt with so much in my life and I am not a very open person I have never been open to my parents just because I feel like they will think I’m weak they won’t care or they won’t understand I have held in so much thoughts and emotions and just acted like I was OK to the point now I wish I could cry I feel like if I let everything out I would feel great but I am emotionally numb and I can’t cry I just can’t cry at all and what sucks even more I have no friends at all literally no one I get in my head a lot so normally I’m just stuck at my house alone with my thoughts I seriously wish I had friends I just can’t make them for whatever reason I have social anxiety no one wants to talk to me all I ever wanted was someone to talk to who I can actually tell how I really feel too but I’ve never had that person in my life The friends I’ve had in the past I’ve never felt good or telling them anything because I just feel like they won’t care I feel like they’ll just say sorry you feel that way and move on with life I’m not expecting someone to take away all my pain I just would love to have someone to listen

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Anjali_k @anjali_k

I know what are you going through, I feel the same. Your thoughts as well as your feelings do matter. I believe you must have tried everything to deal with this, all I can suggest is, I’m here and you can share anything without a second thought. ☺️🤗

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Augustine @aguanna

We are all here to listen n talk to u

U have so many of us so cheer up n smile

its me @itsme097

Hey, you.

Your fears are valid. Nobody should have to fight this battle alone. Please reach out to one person you trust or access professional help.

There are so many happy emotions you will deeply experience. Please don’t be discouraged.

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It's like life is locked in a container
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pakhi @iamsostressed

I am so stressed that my mind needs seperate tabs for all thRead more
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Neo @neo_

Just get cheated.
Now what to say🥲🥲 kya batau.. Alag hi passionless jiwan jeRead more

the estudante @knightwood

Sad life, pointless walk, fake smile, utter loneliness!
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Marwa @ksiezyc

I wish I could go back to a time when I could smile and it dRead more
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girlonline @iicarusbabe

Okay so my mum is being v v v v v nosy. Im 18 and im gonna tRead more