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I feel like I am graysexual. I rarely get desires but when I get, I get with girls or sometimes boys. I have had both boy and girl crushes. I think I am biromantic. Will any1 share their story about how exactly did you figure out that you are this or that? Also, I feel sexuality is fluid so it slightly changes with time.


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This thing is really confusing…
I also doubt my sexuality sometimes…sometimes it feels that I’m ASEXUAL . But sometimes it feels like no I’m STRAIGHT :(
someone please let me know… How to find out?


Hey I am a a gay.I know I am gay but I haven’t said that to anyone.It is suffocating to be in the closet. Before pandemic I did not give too much time about my sexuality. But in pandemic I started thinking About my future. I have got depressed. I can be in a relationship in future cuz my parents will never approve it whole heartedly. And this kinna things in India are like taboos. But we should do something with our life it is the only hope I have. I used to be an extrovert but now a days I withdrawing my self from others that what would happen if they doubt my sexuality. We are unconventional,even hypocrites say “Nothing to be wrong " or some nice hearted people say"Its OK don’t worry” but at the end of the day nothing will help you. The only thing to lead a good life being a gay is do something with ur life, get a good job, come out when ur financially independent, never leave your parents, adopt children with the help of you parents and find happiness in their happiness. This will never offend your parents.