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I feel like a loser right now .I really do love this person a lot but…We broke up because of a few reasons… 1 She always put herself first at all times even when I prioritized her the most ended up suffering for it and also getting hurt by her. 2 She is a narcissist💯 3 Considers herself to be superior 4 She makes me say yes to everything she wants 5 She makes me feel insecure (I consider myself to be an average to good looking and smart guy and I’m bloody good at what I do) I’ve never ever felt like questioning myself if I am good enough before I me her.6 She tries to control what I like and what I want just like my parents. 7She is very manipulative8 makes me feel guilty even when I’m not even wrong.9 Plays a lot of mind games.10Tries to convince her version is always right and best.The first ever time when she said she had feelings for me it was absolutely platonic back then so I needed time and I didn’t respond but then I was forced to respond immediately. Later when we started talking again she made me confess I like her and then rejected me to make me experience how she felt.She doesn’t understand that feeling guilty is also painful and doesn’t understand the concept of forgiveness. Both of us have hurt each other but according to her the only way to forgive is after taking people to a trip down to hell.I have ghosted her a few times because I don’t want to go through the feeling of being hurt over and over again.I still go back to her I know she is manipulative . I want to fix this or end this toxic cycle rn. How do I stop going back to people who treat me like trash . I even fought with some of my friends recently. All my life had friends who use me so that I spend for them and then they bully me.


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Firstly if you need to love yourself.
Then let her go from your life because u really deserve better if you feel low because of her think if you get married to her your life will become hell.
Secondly its her nature and she can’t change it so why are you changing for her .
To overcome this talk to your friends and tell them about your situation trust me they will help you out.
Focus on your interest do engaging things whatever you like.
Do not live alone for sometime be surrounded by people or with your family members .
Do some pooja or chanting once in a day it will clam you and help you to feel relax.
Do not read or watch any emotional movie or thoughts or post on relationship and break up. It will only make you feel worsen.
Block her from each and everywhere.
Lastly I would say letting go with the time will heal everything trust me I have been gone through twice my both the relationship broke me into many pieces .
Smile daily because you have a prettiest smile😊.



Thank you so much A🖤