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I feel like a criminal, rather i have been treated like one since last 2days. My only concern was to not send my parents out during pandemic, since my dad is a heart patient and mom has diabetes i don’t want to risk their lives. My parent used to stay i a house with my uncle who troubled them so much that they moved out. But they are still concerned about that house, their room. We were happily living in the city outskirts together. But now they were concerned about that house and the wished to visit it for some repairs(which could have been done later). I tried explaining them how risks it is to move out and get things done i disagred to help them. They called up my cousin who is also my neighbour to help them and before i woke up with his help the got cab booked and went away without talking to me. Me family thinks i am overreacting and things will happen if it has to happen. No one is talking to me. I dont know where my parents are now. What are they doing… how are they doing… how many more days they are going to stay there… I know nothing… i dont know whom shall i talk to because everyone in the family thinks i am a bad child who doesn’t help parents but i was just trying to keep them safe during pandemic.


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hope you and your family are doing well!
firstly, understand that you were just showing your concern and that’s not wrong! you love them, they are important to you and that’s why you are concerned!
also, it’s okay if they don’t understand your concern sometimes…sometimes they wouldn’t listen to you because for them their work might be more important and common, let’s face it now for how long are you going to lock them inside the house…they are not used to it…they will obviously want to go out every now and then, how many times will you stop them?
give them their time and try to call them and tell them that you love them and that’s why you are concerned. ask them to take precautions.
try to check the no. of cases in the place that you live in. if the no of cases is low then stepping out with precautions shouldn’t be a problem. just ask them to take the necessary precautions and to come back home asap!
lots of love, light, and strength to you!✨❤️


Thanks for sharing this point of view to look at things


Bro you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong. So don’t feel guilty. With they could understand the grave circumstances. And fuck the extended family members. Their job is gossip. Anyway try to reach out to your parents and convince them to return. Hope you succeed and all stay safe.


I totally agree. You absolutely did the right thing. At least you tried and if now they’re not listening it’s nothing on you.


I know… But i m still trying to reach out to them…they are not picking up my calls probably still angry… i feel helpless…


You have done nothing wrong.call your parents or visit the other house they were supposed to go.