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I feel I am in a relationship with someone who is not emotionally available with me. We used to be best friends first then we came into the relationship and started loving each other’s company. We used to live in Mumbai before covid. Initially, he was always available with me where I took him for granted and didn’t give him any space. Things were bad after some time. He used to find ways where he can stay away from me and I used to find where I could just be with him. Many arguments and fights happened. But somehow we managed. We came to our city during lockdown. He got his old friends back and he never looked back. I cried, fought shouted every possible thing i did to get involved in his life but made his own space. He lost his mother last year. I was the one who got his call not his friends. I went to him tried to support with every possible ways. He did open up a little during that time but after that he restricted himself completely and never shared his emotions. When I went to see a guy for shadi he came back to me he promised that he will always be with me. He worked hard, put his efforts to keep this relationship alive so did I. Gave him all the space. Stopped taking all the things seriously and most importantly have stopped overthinking. But still i miss that emotional connect with him. When he doesn’t feel good he tells me to not talk and spend his time alone. Should i be bothered about this? Should I stop working on this relationship? Because i need a person who talks to me who shares all his deep thoughts with me who can cry on my shoulder whenever he wants. Is it too much to ask?


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My ex gf also same like this da! She became a cold person and killed me🌌