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I feel hopeless. My mom is sick since a week now. She has issues of high bp and feeling uneasy. We as kids have been recording her bp everday and taking medicine accordingly.
She suggested to dad to get her checked from a heart specialist doctor. My dad is strong believer of not going to doctor whatsoever the condition is.
Still somehow we force him to take her to doctor. Now the doctor has suggested some test and reconsultation with reports. Dad had fight with us, he don’t want to get test done. But we know its important. If at all reports are normal atleast we will be satisfied that everything is okay.
This whole attitude of dad makes mom feel like he doesn’t care about her, like other husband do. Insted to taking care he is making it worst by fighting, shouting and showing anger.
Mom told me today while talking about this, that its way difficult to live and she ways to die now.
Please help me what to do.


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Keep fighting ur dad and get those tests done… its really important for everyone’s peace of mind…