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I feel broken …my sister when will she understand…who is permanent in her life …she has always kept her friends before me …I like a fool even after getting hurt so many times …I still do anything when she asks some time I feel like I am just a need when she requires anything …she thinks I don’t know anything I am not capable of anything …I am one year older than her …she treats my pain like nothing she just says don’t act …she never understand how worried I am …she says u r not the one …I know I am not only the one but …I am only person she would do something to help …y does she compare me with others …now she even put her bf who doens’t even know much who came few months back …before me …she doens’t even give me minimum important Atleast half what she give outsiders …I have cried nights feeling alone . Even mom gave up …she will regret being like this …but I would not be near her after that to make up …y does this happen it’s someone fault for not noticing u but u get more hurt …

Post anonymously?

Yes sometime for somepersomwe all feel the same way. I think you should talk to her directly. This convo will ne tough but it will be worth.