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I don’t want marriage commitments in my life. Because I don’t need it at least for now. But as an Indian girl, convincing my parents is the scariest thing in the world.
Ever since I turned 18 every activity of me is corrected and trained for being a perfect wife for some strangers. I hate it. I love my parents and don’t want to hurt them. But they can’t understand how it hurting me whenever they casually talked about me going to someone else’s house after marriage. My mistakes, routine, habits, character, and everything should be adjusted, altered, and customized for him? do I have to live a life for my parents just because I love them? Are there any solutions for this?


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I can understand,

How are modern are your parents ?

Are you doing any job or something to be independent ?

The first thing to achieve freedom is self reliance,

I for example started earning at the age of 16 😄 (i am a boy though), to be self independent.

From then i have a control of my own life and life tension free.

I have convinced every one in the family no marriage till i become millionaire and after that a vagabond 😋😋

They understood that.

Although there is nothing wrong with parents expecting there child to be married, specially a father for his daughter.

So don’t get them wrong either.

Its natural,

As a father they will care about you,

They want to make sure, that you will be likeable by your husband and his family.

He wants you to be prepared.

Its nothing wrong, after all


Let’s do a heartful face to face conversation with your parents for marriage and convince them that it’s your happiness that should be above all the issues. Tell them what if you won’t be happy after marriage. They’re your parents, the ones they love you; they may take some time but if you’re still trying to convince them keep trying. You should. I hope they would some day realize and understand.