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I dont understand what this feeling is. I feel like I dont have anyone to talk to. I feel like I cant share anything to anyone. The fear of being judged or worse disturbing someone is enormous. Its like an insect eating me from the inside. I use to listen to some music and feel better but now even that doesn’t work. Also there is fear of being alone for the rest of my life. Ive been told many times that its all in my head. But now I feel like its all over my body. Every day this feeling increases more and more. I feel like one day I am gonna burst. And its going to be a disaster. If anyone can help me please come forward.


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All you have to do is try and open up…
Give your thoughts a voice and just let them all out… Try to express … Try by sharing a very tiny detail about yourself and eventually u can share your deepest secrets … Before you burst try sharing …


Try reconnecting with people who you love and who love you back…people who love you back will always make time for you
Also try to recollect yourself, your hobbies, focus on yourself and things you like
Learn to love yourself, accept yourself the way you are… Once you start loving yourself it won’t really matter how you are being looked by others but if you are not comfortable with yourself, you’ll always feel judged.


Its completely ohk if r going through this … Everyone faces this n u r not the only one all I can say is … U don’t need anyone along with u all u can do is enjoy ur company because that the time u might feel urself more active … See what makes u happy do that even if doesn’t make any sense … N don’t fear to be along u have this platform u can share stuff her … N their r more ppl like me who willing come n talk to u … Invest ur time in something that makes u happy …I hope u have a great life ahead .


I can relate to your feelings,today the world is like this that even if one is nice to us we doubt them for being genuinely nice.and you are not wrong here ppl r nasty but ppl r good too.Try to find good ones dear and share your feelings with them.