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I don’t match with anyone I don’t have conversation with anyone even my family after 25 years I found someone with whom I started feeling bonding but thing’s went wrong even tho I found someone who’s supporting me now but I can feel that person is suffering but still supporting me now I have two choices either i should go back to that
Person with whom I bonded or live my independent life because that person who’s supporting me is getting affected i cantt take help for long.

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Gagandeep K. @gagandeep_ka...

Hey, hope you’re doing okay

If you have a bond with someone who cares for you even knowing that somethings are difficult for you to manage, one should appreciate their efforts (I know you appreciate and care for their efforts and that’s also the reason why you’re thinking of leaving them) but leaving them is not the solution.

A better solution could be to work on yourself to be a better version of yourself when you’re getting the support of that person.

Already one should try on better way while having support of your person.

Leaving is always an option but I feel it should be the last option. And difficult to rst option perceiving it as the easiest one.

If it’s difficult for you to manage, you can reach out to me as I’m a counselling psychologist and my availability is mentioned on my profile.

Take care.


That’s not possible changing myself will affect my identity i cannot pretend to be something else i born this way i function this way I’m not here to please everyone if it’s my fate to be alone then so be it .


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