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I don’t know why, I don’t understand my character. I don’t talk in class because I’m not interested in something and that’s why no one talks to me. I used to love solitude but now I can’t be like I used to, I can’t shrink back into myself. Because there are 2 people in the class who talk to me and now even they are avoiding me. I feel like I don’t need anything now. I will fight with them for keeping quiet with me. Why am I like this? Why won’t my child’s game change?
I still get very quiet and angry with people I feel comfortable with but why do they ignore me. Is it because I have a disability?
Why does no one understand me?

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Hi ,You are an introvert who loves to enjoy his own company.We, humans are divided into categories, generally extroverts and introverts. Society thinks being an extrovert is a big achievement. They can mix up with their environment easily, are more outgoing, have good communication skills and are more fierce than introverts.
There are a lot of misconceptions about this personality type. The most common among them are, introverts are shy, they do not like to talk. No! They just prefer listening and observing before presenting their thoughts and they choose their words very wisely. They don’t prefer talking for the sake of talking. According to them, small talk is a waste of time. They will willingly engage in a topic they are passionate about.
Introverts often do their  best work alone, they have a tendency to shut down when they feel like their voice is not being heard. Whereas, they excel in small groups and similar minds.

Dear , you are self sufficient and you know it.

Be in love with yourself, whoever you are, be the best version of yourself. We all are unique!

Mahadev Shiva @shivakarnik...

I am trying to love myself but something that pull me back from that i don’t know

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The only solution is to start loving yourself. Those 2 ppl in your class who’ve started avoiding you aren’t your true friends… so it’s better to start being happy w your own self and enjoy your own company :)

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I tranfer in new school and I was In 7 grade it’s 2019 I made a friend and we become closer after 1 year now Im in 8 grade when coronavirus breakthroug and everyone been in quarantine and are online class was going on and we are stay closed friend and 9 grade we kinda of distance ourself like its because her seat were far for me and I don’t really like to go and talk and l kinda of became jealous when she talked with other and maybe she also feel that and after that now I’m in 10 grade again our seats became far and far when she to with someone I became jealous and at this time we are not closed anymore and when we stop talking I kinda feel lonely 😔 and I don’t have close friends and l feel lose and I don’t know what to do and I don’t feel like I want to go to school just sitting alone in class and don’t talk to anyone and that feeling was horrible and I became quiter in school l don’t talk much anymore and I cry I literally cry for it I don’t want to lose someone and it take me time to let go but it’s literally I swear it’s horrible feeling at that time it wasn’t easy but it teach me lot of lesson now I don’t care if I’m sitting alone or I don’t have any friends I don’t care anymore I feel if she isn’t with me I’ll be miserable but now 😌 I know my worth I don’t need anyone to be myself 🙆🏻I am enough.

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