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I don’t know who needs to hear this, but I wish someone would tell me this once in a while, so I’ll tell you all. You only have yourself, you can only count on you and that’s hard even when you’re not going through depression. You might just wish, pray or hope that someone comes and picks you up and put you on your feet or give you encouragement at the least because you know you’ll do better. You want to do better and if they help, you know you’ll maintain it and flourish, you just want a little help. But that’s the thing about life you only have you, at the end of the day. So, some words of encouragement and some tips to make it easier. Firstly, take it day by day, second by second. No one changes their situation overnight, it’s going to be a journey, one that will be celebrated and worth it once you get to the other side of it. Secondly don’t overwhelm yourself with big tasks. Just you having the thought to get up and be productive or make your bed is a step because yesterday you might not have wanted to get out of it. Third no one is in your head with you, they don’t know how you feel or what you truly think, and you don’t have to tell them. People are quick to judge without knowing the full picture and even when they do, most times their perspective of you won’t change, so don’t be quick to correct them. It’s their opinion, everyone’s intitled to one but it doesn’t make it fact, you know how hard you’re trying, and you know you’re doing better than last week, even if they can’t see it. Lastly break away from all those bad habits, like listening to music and living in your head. That’s so bad, you create an image of yourself in your head and start to hate yourself in real life. You also get caught in the future drowning when the present doesn’t line up with the future. So just take a deep breath, take it day by day, don’t overwhelm yourself, don’t trip off others’ opinions, and live in the now! The future can and will wait, you need you right now! Also, if you feel like you can’t even count on yourself, remember all you’ve done for yourself every small thing counts.

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I will be as determined to be this independent like I was to read all of this. Thank you dear stranger🥰

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You’re so very welcome!

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You will meet more insensitive people than statues.
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Good morning 😁
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Everyone hates me. I am just a burden on this planet. I don't want to live anymore

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