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I dont know whether i should think this or not

But this is about my brothers girlfriend
I mean ex girlfriend,he had breakup last yearr
She feels jealous of me and some times used to fight over me with my brother …
But as they are of different castes they mutually decided to get separated …
she loves him so much… but she is even toxic for him … and she is trying to come in his life again…
I dont know what i should do i always think my bond with my brother will weaken or break if she steps again in his life …she dont even like him talking to me
She always try to be good with our mutual friends try to impress them and turn themmm against me
I feel like i will loose only person i love the mosttt
He asks me what to do should he patch up or not …i advice him to oatch because she loves himm
I dont have any problem with their relationship…but its just fear of losing him
I feeling so bad and so low 😖😖😖

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A bond of brother and sister cannot be broken due to third person. It’s just in your mind. If she doesn’t like you, there has to be some reason and you guys should talk it out. If you think she’s suitable for your brother, don’t overthink about it. Also, talk about this to your bro too