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I don’t know what to say. People say blood relationship is not necessary for a family. But people prove that when it comes to priority, blood relationship are always on top. I can’t express how I feel now. I wish I could describe in words. I am just hurt by the actions of some loved ones.

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My Dear Stranger,

Well if u believe tht two ppl r related thy are otherwise it doesn’t mean anything

Whn v in trouble v mostly contact our siblings etc cos v have lived wit thm

I don’t know what someone has told u bt it all depends on the situation


Heyyyyy there buddy🙋So I have this small msg to u that please don feel hurt, try to accept the things as they are, it will be easier then, or maybe try to find a positive side out of it, you can learn from this to how not to expect from anyone else because its just u who can make yourself happy😀😀 Beleive in the happiness that is hidden within you there is nothing as such blood relations or something, the most important relation one should always understand is the relation we have with our own selves. When you will be serious and happy with that relation no other would really matter😀
And yessssssssss SMILE PLEASE…Heyyyyyyyy that was a good click hehe😁😀