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I don’t know what to say, I’m surrounded by the same expectations everyday. To be the golden child, the best. Finish school and become some good. I wasn’t even wanted to be a girl, my family hates me, but still expects the best from me. Every argument where I mention that I ruin everything, they always agree. I get very clingy and emotional, which drives people away from me. I hate it, everyday. I do one little thing wrong and everyone goes off on me. Why can’t I just escape. I’m taking classes to be an EMR but I also still have a year left in school till I can further the training. I told my parents I want to be in the medical field long ago, so of course they would only expect the best from me. I caused my own demise.😐

Let’s not mention that I’ve told everyone, besides my dad and his family, that I’m pan. Like they know, they just don’t mention it. But when I get a boyfriend they asked if I was still gay. So to make them happy I said, “Right now? Yes.” I didn’t realize how toxic my family was when it came to the subject of MY sexuality.

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I’m really sorry about your situation
And I say you tell them that your only human you can’t do every little thing right, to give you a break, and if that they hate you why do they expect so much from you

Basically I’m saying try opening up… sit down and talk to them calmly… Have a nice day! and good luck!

I have, they just don’t understand or respect it. I told my brother that this character’s name is Theo and he’s gay, in the season I’m in, but he was like no that’s a girl, she’s straight. It makes me so upset sometimes to see them not respect people’s identities, fictional or not.

I’m so sorry about that… I hope one day they understand you. Just know that there are people who accept you for the way you are!

Let’s get one thing clear; you did NOT cause your own demise, you tried to be true to yourself and that is never wrong. Avoid talking about it with them. You don’t need to deal with their ignorance or their bullsh*t. If they genuinely don’t understand, try talking it out (I had to explain being bi to my family because my parents were so confused lol) but given they blame you for things and think you ruin everything, I’d say ignore it. You don’t have to be out to them, you can have a special other of any gender and introduce them, but you don’t need to go into details for these rude people. And you don’t ruin everything. No one can ruin everything! Just take deep breaths and live your life for you. Because 1) if your life was a movie, you’d be the star, so don’t be a background character! 2) you can choose what you want in life. Fight for it. Goodluck <3

Thanks, gods you’re gonna make me cry. Happy tears, very happy tears.

I happy i made you happy :) you deserve that smile!! And I mean every word, I believe in you :D