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I dont know i kinda have some mixed feelings in my mind. well the thing is here i am totally depressed about my life its just that iam feeling low and demotivated all the time.whenever i see girls of my age are rocking in social media …iam here sitting alone in my home and thinking how i can i make that happen.but i am so sure about iam multitalented though.but the things which keeps me bothered all the time is my body weight.its not that i ccant loose it i can but when i try i keep on getting fail every single time.i would like to explore the world but i dont know why iam being dragged back. i just want to know whats holding me back.i dont want me to be lik this forever.


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I am also in the same situation dear… Sometimes I also get depressed, demotivated and also I am suffering from Thyroid, PCOD, Chronic Bronchitis and also facing discrimination due to my looks since 2004. But apart from getting depressed I choose to never give up on anything. I choose to be my self, I just flaunt my body. And my dear remember one thing failures are the pillars of success. Even if you fail 100 times you should give at least 200 times, one day you will definitely get the positive results.
Your life is yours my dear, keep yourself busy in those things which you like to do, work on your skills or enhance your skills, there are lots of opportunities available on internet. I am damn sure you will achieve whatever you want to be.