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I don’t know how to start this but…it’s about my insecurity that is I’m very skinny. I’m 20 but like I’ve a body of 12year old boy and it’s really embarassing 👉🏻👈🏻 I love myself but sometimes I don’t feel good about it…I eat much more than a normal people but still ;-; any advice to gain weight?

Post anonymously?

It’s okay , but remember your body is even giving its 100% to keep you moving so why can’t toh give atleast 10% of happy time to it . Just feel good about it and the way you are.


Yes obviously…I feel good but when I see other girls with beautiful bodies, I just can’t help but admire them👉🏻👈🏻🙂


Love your own skin!
I know it’s very easy to say. But trust me that is the solution.
I have met people who have been super pretty earlier but due to harmonal changes lost their beauty

Just because of their own confidence no one ever points or makes her feel like she is changed.
But Incase you wanna put on GYM, drink banana protein shake.


Okayy thank you…me gonna try everything…I’m gonna start gym soon.

giving you a high five on this, facing the same thing I am skinny too I am a 22-year-old girl still get these you don’t look like 22 wale comments. at the beginning of these comments, I used to be hurt. but see people are going to judge you even if you are healthy they need something to talk about, everything is just on you how you want to react. till the time you are happy with your body that’s what matters and if you want to change something in yourself just because YOU WANT then go for it. have healthy food stay happy, do exercise and stay patient.


I really appreciate what you said 💕🥺 my own family bodyshames me all the time…so there is no way that I’ll always feel good👉🏻👈🏻 but me trying to eat healthy and do everything tbh.

I am facing the same thing, whenever I go to the family get together I am always prepared that this thing gonna come😂
but I guess it’s okay, this is what I am.
everything is gonna be fine❤️


Yes I hope soo…I’m tired of people calling me flat 🙂 next time if someone’s gonna say that again to me…I’m going on full rage mode🤣

this is what we need, power to you !🤗


Same for me :/


Try to eat more junk food, maida, cheese, soft drinks and don’t exercise be on bed all day