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I don’t know how to define this feeling. I met a guy 4 months ago, soon we came close to each other. Despite of being just friends we share equation like couples. That kind of talk, we use nickname for each other and all. Suddenly one day he stopped doing those things, he start treating me like his other female friends or i can started giving me less importance then them. I tried to talk to him about this, he clearly told things can’t be same all time. Now i don’t know what to do, i mean he is right, i have no right to questioning him, neither he owe any explanation to me… still… i don’t what’s bothering me. Is it love? Or habit? Or a change which i’m not able to accept. It’s killing me inside… i don’t know what to do… should i stop talking to him?

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Should i stop talking to him?? Should i broke all contacts with him?

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Sanket @sanket

Express out yourself to him, talk to him. If you feel something for him then express it out.
Dont supress it, normalize it. Figure out what it is. Maybe put some efforts to cherish your bond?
I believe it’s worthy to have a good friend.

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