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I don’t know how are I feel right now, everything seems to be falling apart πŸ’”. I recently lost my job and I’m in a relationship but I’m also angry 😠 and I’m hurting people who are around me because of anger issues I have from my past Relationships. I’m always indoors with no one to talk and it drives me crazy since I’m not going to work and I have daughter who I must take care of and the thought of I can’t support her it kills me

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The anger is like a very bad virus in a body. Which when does more damage than in. I am saying that because obviously i keep it tempted. My coping mechanism was humour. Say what you what you want to say. But humoursly. Maybe that would help. As i said you can’t keep that in its inevitable. It comes out nastier the longer you hold on to it. You can’t have it blow over your people. People you care about. Losing a job is not a big thing. You will find another. I know it seems stupid but seriously 3 months from now you’ll be laughing at this phase. You need to deal with anger in better way because it will blow over your daughter and you do not want that. You say you wanna take care of her. Do that by being there for her. For her stuffs. She would like that. Just paying bills is not the job of father. You be there for her she will remember that for the rest of her life.

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