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I don’t feel okay today. I love my parents with all my heart but I am getting really upset because of them lately. They are a great procrastinators when it comes to something which has to do with me. I have to attend my close friend’s brother’s wedding but the venue is a 5hour journey from my place and the marriage is at night. My dad was skeptical about me going early and staying with my friend since it is covid times and there will be a lot of their relatives staying at their place. He suggested me to go with my mom and my mom who agreed to go with me at first and started planning about the driver and the stay now doesn’t wanna go with me n that hurts .She is my close friend and she would have come if it is my brother’s wedding. I don’t know what to do and how to deal with this situation. I really dont wanna hurt anyone😔

Im kinda introvert and recently started pushing myself to communicate well and increase my circle. I kinda feel this as an opportunity to show up and make myself heard. But what is the right thing to do ?

Post anonymously?

Make yourself heard.
Try looking for other solutions to this problem.
There is always a way have confidence in yourself

Thank you.Let me see what happens.

I didn’t quite understand your situation, If you could explain to me what exactly you need help with I will make sure to reply again!
Have a nice day though!

If u are from abroad I am afraid you might not understand how a girl in India feels like when she is always overlooked. Thank you though for trying. I solved my issue by being vocal though that involved a crying session. 😄 I attended the wedding with my mom and going back home. Things are not that simple or that heard sometimes. 😁

I am from India too! I’m glad everything is okay now!

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