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I do not want to think of my crush to like me back but I just canโ€™t help thinking that I am not an interesting soul. But I am starting to have strong feelings for him; I do not want to like/love anybody in this world . My head is a mess right now ( I keep thinking of him)


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It is okay to have crushes and such thoughts in your mind. I have crushes as well, even though I still have feelings towards her but I canโ€™t be her partner at all due to her being my teacher. I think God allowed us to have these feelings so that we can spread love to one another. This love isnโ€™t the romantic kind of love that we humans used to perceive, but it is about understanding, caring, forgiving, being patient, tolerable, kind, self control, honesty, faithful, gentle and try doing what is righteous at all times. Right now I still have this strong feeling towards her, but it is important to accept the things that we cannot control, it is possible to live life while having a crush. And hey, perhaps it will fade away soon, we wonโ€™t know, only God knows. Right now I think itโ€™s better to accept this feeling as a natural thing and to not be too mindful of itโ€™s presence. May God also help you in your journey of discovering yourself and in life. Hope to see you get well! ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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yeah but I really want to talk to my friends beacuse I m very lonely and I am okay to be talking them as just friends