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I consider myself a decent human being. Have not wronged anyone on purpose. But every good day turns into a depressing one. Makes me doubt myself. I lose the willingness to survive. Feels like fate has nothing in store for me. Even happy days don’t last. Each time it gets to me. Headaches. Lumps in my throat. Bottled feelings. Questions that run constantly about why my life is the way it is. Only thing that keeps me breathing is the thought that I should not make my loved ones suffer. What to do when you know your in hurting but no one sees through you. The only thing I realise is that expressing sadness bores anyone after a point.


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Everyone have to go through this phase. In everyone’s life there are these good and bad phase were you feel
Depressed, lonely, things don’t work on your favour and many more .
But you need to believe this that every bad phase has to end up one day.
You need to be accepting this and strive really very hard to be strong, calm and most importantly happy. And wait with an hope that all these shall pass and your time will come with a new and bright bringing.
Just don’t worry stay very close to your family . Family is a great healer of tough time .
Saying all these on my on experience.
Please try believing and everything will be fine and normal and you will be cherishing again.

Literally I’m in same shoes. It’s really really sad