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I can’t help myself to have the courage to call the mental health line or book any appointment. Neither I have courage to tell my parents or anyone about myself nor I can go to any psychologist. I am feeling so disgusted about myself. It’s been a year or more I realised I have depression but I can’t help it, nor did I… I am such a… god damn😖
How to gain courage when you have lost yourself?


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Do you have money for at least 1 session with a psychologist?




Have you looked through any websites with psychologists? You can send me the link if you want


I do go on many websites for psychologists… but can’t take a step forward… 😑


I get that) it doesn’t matter which website. I have totally been on your place.
You shouldn’t think over making the step and focus on that you can’t do it. Because then you will never do it. And you should go, otherwise you wouldn’t post these thoughts. You already know that.
I advise you to “empty your thoughts”, just go there and click to book any appointment at your free time. Don’t be picky and think of nothing. Any ordinary psychologist work for you.


Thanks a lot l, Idk why I am afraid


Please, don’t think of that :) that is one of the reasons why people go talk to professionals. Follow Nike and just do it 👍



Firstly I want to tell you that it is going to be all okay. You are going to be all good. Just don’t lose hope. I really appreciate you taking this step to write about your current situation. Not all have the courage to open up about things or say that they aren’t all right but you have so there you go buddy, I’m 100% sure you are very courageous. It is difficult to open up completely about what you are going through in front of people. I want to tell you that even if you don’t have enough courage to go to a therapist now, you can any day open up about your problems here on this platform and people who are in a position to help you will help you.

If you feel like you need to talk to a therapist but you aren’t able to take the step forward, just keep reminding yourself that the only reason why you are doing this is that you want to be all right, you want to be the older fun version of you, you have to motivate yourself to take the step forward. You have to tell yourself that it is just a step that I have to take in order to make myself feel better and by taking this step you are moving forward in your journey of feeling better. Just take the step. I’m telling you that you are courageous and you can do it. You need to tell this to yourself every day.

Take Care!


Thanks a lott!!
Yeah, I am afraid of talking to the people😐


You don’t actually gain courage, you usually do it while being afraid and lost. And thinking what the hell you’re doing and being not sure if you did the right thing 😅
then you allow people to help you


Idk then what I am :-\


You are someone who needs some help. As we all sometimes

Hey friend, as a person who started therapy some days ago, I wanna tell you something. This nervousness, this anxiety to talk just lasts for 1-2 sessions… after that, you don’t feel like that… you feel relieved after sharing those negative thoughts… sometimes you’ve to get over your fear to see the beauty on the other side… you will have to muster courage and take the first step, it is the most difficult one but it is worth it. If you are older than 18, you don’t need to tell your parents, neither your therapist will insist you for that. That’s totally your call… you can tell them later after your condition improves.
There are excellent psychologists on tata health, apollo online etc. You just book and they will call you. They will make you comfortable. We should never ignore issues like depression as they worsen from moderate to severe and the treatment takes longer route.
Dear friend, having mental issues is completely normal and don’t feel afraid or bad about that. We don’t hesitate in going to a physician when we have a cold, fever or other body ailments. We don’t say the same when we have typhoid, do we?? We quickly go to the doc and begin our treatment. Mental health too works like that. We feel that we would get better by taking paracetamol but it doesn’t work like that. Don’t be shy or afraid. You will pay them for listening to your talks!! They are trained to listen, help and empathise with you.
When was diagnosed with depression, I was also afraid, confused and felt bad. But my therapist made me understand that I wasn’t unwell, it was just I had to fix some emotional issues in order to function efficiently. I haven’t told this to all family yet, only my mom knows and she is certain that I am wasting money!! Nevertheless, I am seeking treatment.
Please this is a one time fear, just take the first step. Realise that you are doing it for your own well-being. Don’t ignore it. Have faith and just book a slot.
Virtual Hugs!!🤗


hope you and your family are doing well.
I think therapy is the first step to your self-healing journey and if you take that step there is no looking back from there. therapy works well in so many different ways for a person and not necessary that only a person who is going through difficult times will go to a therapist, NO! people can (and should) go to therapy just like they go to a dr for a routine checkup!
get in touch with a therapist book a single session and see how you feel about it. if that works well for you you can begin your self-healing journey, by booking your first session!

wherever you work or study you might be having an inhouse counsellor there, if so you can go to her/him first. they will also tell you how it could work wonders for you.

remember to look for the correct therapist for you, not necessary that the first psychologist you get in touch with will be the right one for you. there are times when therapists do not suit you and that’s absolutely fine there are a lot of therapists available. just do a little research on how to find the right therapist and you’ll be good to go.

also, let me just put this forward that self-diagnosis is not a good thing to do. at all! in fact, it hampers your mental health all the more. there are certain symptoms that you need to have for a certain period of time for the diagnosis of any disorder, which you might not know so let’s just not reach to a conclusion…and I say this because I have studied psychology.

all the best!
hope this helps you.
lots of love, light and strength to you!✨❤️


See if you keep on thinking then u never gonna call or book or tell anyone.
So just for once, please just dp it… Don’t think! Just book the appointment or just call the line (n nooo don’t hangup midway)n trust me after this everything will fall in place.
Buddy you have to take the first step plz do it