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I can’t deal with my life anymore 😭
I wanna die
I am doing suicide…
I am killing myself
But I think what will happen to my mom dad after I die
I don’t care anymore 🥺
I am done with this…I can’t handle this anymore… everyone lied to me…
I can’t do it…
Is corona ne meri life barbaad kr dii…
I am done with this shit…
I can’t handle it anymore…
I am getting panick attacks…
I am getting anxiety attacks 😭😭😭
I don’t know what I’ll write in Monday’s exams
Mujhe kuch nhi pata
Abhi book kholkr baithi hu tab pata chala chapter me kya hai…9 chapters mere se nhi honge
I have 1000 issues
Just writing this last letter to the people who always replied me here earlier
Thanks you all

I can’t deal with this much pressure 😞 anymore
Kya sabki life itni hard hoti hai
I am done
Bye everyone
Bye mom and dad…love you always

Mom Your daughter is a loser and will always be a loser…
Sab ne bola I am loser…I am failure
Sirf 10th se deal nhi paa rhi hu
Life se kya deal krungi…

I am sorry mom and dad


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r u still alive??i have to talk u a lil bit


Kt!!!are you there?!!! Please listen an exam doesn’t decide your life I am in a similar situation but you can’t give up dear. 10th se nahi deal kar pari rho life se kese deal karungi i know I am in engineering but exactly similar place I guess but let me tell you what I realised it is absolutely jayas for you to feel like that but there many many ways you can learn to deal with life learn to deal with panic attacks and anxiety there psychologists therapists who can help you there life coaches just get through this face and look towards learning how to overcome and deal with all that is troubling it is possible to learn I feel. And your life is precious it’s after so much that we get this life please belive just get through this phase and look towards hiw you can improve things for yourself.

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Stop taking up suicide as an option. Other ways will open up then only. Hardships toh sabke life mein hi ayyegi. Unse joojhna padega na? Apni problems parents se share karo. Woh log tumhe dhoka kabhi nahi dega. Tumhare bhalai ke liye hi woh sab kichu karega.


Dont PLS…
tALKS things out to clear your mind…u r not a loser look at the progress u made…
Hope u will find happiness and have an amazing life…
💜be grateful for waking up everyday and experiencing life still…u r meant to be.💛

Staysafe and hope for u to have an amazing future😊
Hope ur still here…

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Riva @rivadhingra

Hey! I hope you’re okay and feeling better. We’re all concerned for you so please do reply back ❤️. We’re waiting for you.

Let me tell you that exams/studies are not everything in life. They do not determine anything! Life is much much more than that. If you are struggling with your studies, try to seek help and talk to your parents. Explain to them that everyone does not have to be good at studies. You can be good at many other things and you should embrace that. 🦋

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