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Can anyone help me? I need an Idea to come out to my parents and have them accept it.


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Coming out is never easy and honestly often people laugh it off. I would suggest wait until you’re of legal age to move and are will have at least part time job.

I am not saying it’s going to go all wrong, but in case it does, you’ll have an option and it won’t deteriorate your mental health.

If you think they’ll be okay, have a talk with them one by one - like first with the parent you’re close to and then the other one?

Or you can sit with them, have a random chat and start it between the chat? Like dad/mom how would you feel if I am into same sex? Is it weird? What are your thoughts? Or you can start with my XYZ friend is a homosexual, what do you think? Is it normal?

Ask the question according to the situation.

Hopefully it will all work out for you. Good luck 🤞🏻☺️


Thank you for your help

Did it work out for you?


You can come out anyway you like but i’m sorry you can’t make some people agree


well I am happy to hear that you wanna come out, I would like to know if you are fully independent right now, your age, (don’t have to answer if it is too personal)
also where you come from?

Coming out is a never ending process so before you do come out you need to understand it is gonna be a roller coaster ride depends where and how your family takes it.

Have you thrown any hints in the past?


I’m 16 and I’m from America. And yeah I’ve thrown plenty of hints. They’ve just ignored them all

Although I am closeted too, I have friends who came out few years back and it didn’t go as planned. He was send to conversion centres and similar programs. He was then made to join boarding school with robot like life style. So I would suggest to you to wait till you became a major and are able to support your own self. Although it’s okay to come out now but since your parents did ignore all the hints that means they won’t readily accept you. It is even sad that i have to give you advice like this in 21st century but it’s better for the future… all the best!!♡


This is one of the hardest thing! I hope I could help but I have the same problem! Wishing you all the best and hope they accept you as you are.