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I broke up with the my bf long back now he is married but still get the dream that he is with me. He was not just my bf, he is everything to me because I feel like an orphan after he is not with me. I’ve my family but there’s no use of it. They don’t think is an issue n they are too selfish
So shall I go for counselling or some doctor?


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Its better to be settled


Settled in what terms?


In terms off life u should find another one


At times it is quite difficult to let go, it does take a lot of courage and it is never easy but you do get better after a point of time. Things do start to make you happy again.

If this thing is really really bothering you, I think you should go consult a therapist. There is nothing wrong in seeking help to be alright, one definitely should seek any type of help they can. Just go with it because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is your health and your peace.

Take Care!😊


Yes true
I’m totally helpless
My family doesn’t understand me at all

Maybe after some external help, you will find somebody who understands you or you will be able to find ways to deal with things that are bothering you!