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I broke up with the my bf long back now he is married but still get the dream that he is with me. He was not just my bf, he is everything to me because I feel like an orphan after he is not with me. I’ve my family but there’s no use of it. They don’t think is an issue n they are too selfish
So shall I go for counselling or some doctor?


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It seems you aren’t over him and have not accepted the fact he is no more with you but married to another girl. Once, you process all this and accept the facts and talk to yourself about it, I think you should be good to go.

Feel like an Orphan because of a guy???
And, couldn’t understand the family part. 🌈


It’s like I don’t have my family support in anything
They don’t even bother about anything I’m facing
N there are so many fights at home daily (not with me but it’s there) n whenever such thing happens I feel I should have chosen home over the family

And home is your ex-boyfriend and you feel like an orphan without him?

So, dependent and made your world around a guy rather than on yourself.