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I broke someone’s heart and I feel like shit, she asked for a long distance relationship, that would have lasted for around at least 5 years before we would have been in the same city, I never met her, and she said she will meet me once she started earning, which is around 2 years away, I don’t know, I was not sure if it would have lasted, I was not sure if I wanted to stay on a promise for that long and all of this lead to our breakup, I didn’t want to leave her and I love her from thw bottom most of my heart but I just couldn’t. So I feel like shit, it’s been around 2 days and nothing feels getting any better. I hate ruining things like this. I hate myself for this.


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I’m not going to lie LDR is tough.
The difference in schedules, the time difference, the late night/early morning calls, the agreements, the not being able to meet basically what I’m saying is frustrating and annoying. But like all things this has its silver linings. Hearing their voice after a stressful day, waking up to their voice notes, seeing their face on facetime after a long time, them telling you about their day, falling asleep on call, making time for each other all of these little things make it worth it. Taking to my girlfriend honesty makes my day. So bottom line is if you think that person is worth all this go for it because it could be the best possible thing that would ever happen to you.
I wish you the best and send you lots of love.