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I am tired of my mother, i wanna move out of my house not because i wanna be independent but because i don’t wanna stay with my mum any more. when ever i do something wrong means even the slightest mistake she is like whose head should i break yours or mine, aapna he phod leti hu kam sae kam marungi toh shanti mil jayegi tum logo ko. i remember as a kid when i was in 1st i guess, we had to grow a plant and then talk about it and i by mistake said the name wrong but then i corrected and i came back home told her what happened and she was like don’t lie ik you said the name wrong just tell me honestly or else god will get anrgy with you and kill me, she has always wanted me to be like her when she is scolding me, i might have a straight face but internally i am scared, because i don’t know what she might throw at me or how hard she my slap me. i was 4 years old and wasn’t brusing my teeth so she locked me in the bathroom and the bathroom was like small and i got so scared i cried for a really long time, the door got stuck and my dad had to break it and now i am scared of small places they suffocate me. i am scared to tell her anything, i don’t know on what thing she might get offended, she scares me. everyday i pray to god that i get into a good medical college, so that i can be independent till some extent. recently when i told her i have anxiety she called my friend to confirm it!!


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I cant even explain you how much i relate you!!! trust me being born as a girl in an indian household is a hell on earth. Similar incidences also occured with me where my mother tortured me so i wanna let you know that you are not alone. These indian mothers say to your face that they like daughters but are patriarchial deep inside. They can apply red chilli powder on your face to punish you and lock you in washroom for taking a 1 hr shower. They’ll pull your hair and drag you on floor then kick you and punch you to say that they favor daughters. Like wtf.
I want to tell you I’m standing strong. Trust me its a ritual my mom beats me everyday for not doing things according to her. Not aslight deviation is accepted from her side…Coming to the point she hits me everyday and abuses me but you know what i stand tall and strong, i bear every slap without even making a sound. I’m oing to grow strong and move out of this house. I recommend you the same. We may be in same situation but you dont have to lose hope dont show yur mother that you are waek else she’ll scratch your face and other people will keep asking you from where did you get that big, horrid scar and you will have to lie on their face!
Stay strong, Stay confident you’ll definitely get the support of that person who is going help you break through this cage!
I’m also clinging on to this hope! Much love take care be strong!!!


Honestly it melts my heart to hear such things.

I mean how can a mother do this to any of her child.

I have been living alone for quite some time, and i really miss my parents.

I although in my mind i have become independent person.

But as a Boy who is living alone i can tell u one thing : No its not worth it staying alone without your parents around you.

Similarly on the second note your story makes me think again.

And i hope things get alright for you,

I am not denying you from moving out… but just think again once…

And decide what you wanna do next…

Well i wish if its possible for you to talk to your mom or dad specially about this first


I honestly suggest you call the police if she locks you up again in the bathroom.


i dont wanna call the police or anything i just wanna move out in my own house, i just love the idea of being independent and staying away from my weird family!!